5 Years Extended Warranty

When you buy one of the world’s best penis pumps from Bathmate, we want to make sure that you get the very best results, so we offer a completely free 2-year warranty for all of our pumps. To give you even greater peace of mind (and maximise your gains), we also offer a full selection of extended penis pump warranties, with this 5-Year Bathmate Warranty giving you an extra three years of full service and support for your pump.

Bathmate Warranty Information

This warranty will give you an extra 3 years of protection for your hydropump, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about any issues with the pump. Like all of our warranties, this fully covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions, while the impact-resistant design of our pumps (taking no damage when run over by a car), gives you complete security when it comes to using your Bathmate penis pump to build real, lasting gains.

To suit any requirements, we offer two other warranty options, including a longer-lasting 7 Year Bathmate Warranty as well as a full 3 Year Hydropump Warranty.

Your standard warranty starts off the day that your Bathmate penis pump arrives, lasting a full 2 years unless you’ve opted for one of our extended Bathmate warranties. To take advantage of your warranty, you just have to register your pump, which we recommend doing as soon as is convenient.

All our pumps include a unique PID - just enter this, along with your contact information, into our Bathmate Pump Registration page to start taking advantage of your full warranty.

 We work to ensure data confidentiality at all times, storing your data securely. We typically delete personal data 800 days after purchase, though if you’re using an extended warranty, we’ll keep it protected while your warranty is in effect.