Power Rings

Ready to Power Up? Add a new level to your sex life with Bathmate Power Rings, enhancing your erections, building real pleasure and adding a whole new dimension for  penis pumping exercises.

Our best-selling cock rings, Power Rings are made from our trademarked Elastomex blend for maximum convenience and pleasure. A flexible body makes these rings easy to use, while still giving you real pressure and pleasure in three unique designs (all included in the brand-new Power Ring 3-Pack collection).


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Good ring but rips easy

This is the second ring I bought of this style and after about 2 months it ripped and is unusable now.


Power Rings


when placing it, particles are released, and they show fissures on the inner side of the ring, just at the junction of the mold, then small rubber pieces that end up in my girlfriend's vagina and in my glans, in her mouth and mine. .. I did not manage to extend its quality standard for something that is going to be put in such an important organ.My girlfriend forbade me to use that thing so I only use it to masturbate.

Power rings

Worked out great for me. Love how it fits


balls keep getting sucked into pump no matter what i do.

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Discover our Bathmate Power Ring models

Each of our three kinds of Bathmate Power Ring suits different users, with information and diameters (external, then internal) as follows:

Gladiator: With three nubs on the inside, the Gladiator Power Ring adds a completely unique level of pleasure, with the ring adding pleasure however it’s placed. 45mm by 20mm.

Barbarian: A completely smooth cock ring, the Bathmate Barbarian maximises surface area, and is a perfect choice for those who haven’t used cock rings before. 50mm by 20mm.

Spartan: Using an interesting octagonal design, our Bathmate Spartan provides the tightest fit of our power rings, giving you an even harder, stronger erection. 45mm by 20mm.

If you’ve never used a cock ring before, it can seem intimidating to start off - it’s a lot more simple and effective than it may seem. When flaccid or semi-erect, just slip the ring on, moving it down to the base of your shaft (far easier with our flexible Bathmate Power Rings than with other options). Once there, the ring will give you a stronger, longer-lasting erection - and far more intense orgasms.