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Along with our powerful range of Bathmate Penis Pumps, we offer a full range of accessories designed to help you get the very best from your pump, whether that means enhancing your sex life or taking care of your Bathmate.

Below, you’ll see all of our Bathmate Accessories, though you can also check out our sections for a closer look at each category:

Better Sex: These fantastic products are all about maximising your pleasure, including powerful vibrators and cock rings, effective lubes, unique serums, and far more.

Cleaners: Bathmate hydropumps are built to last. However, an effective cleaning routine will make them last longer - here, you’ll be able to find specialised Bathmate (and sex toy) cleaners.

Extras: From manscaping kits to Bathmate spare parts, storage options and hydrodouches, this section covers all the other Bathmate accessories we stock.
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Pump Timer Bathmate Direct
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