Penis Enlargement Pills and Tablets - Alternatives to Medicines

You’ve almost definitely seen a lot of ads for penis enlargement pills, tablets and herbal remedies, whether they’re being sold via spam email, at a gas station, or through banner ads on certain websites. There’s a couple of obvious questions most people have about these enhancement options - do they work, and are they safe?

Quick answers to these - not in the way you were hoping, and usually if purchased through a trusted retailer.

While there’s a lot of different herbal options being advertised to help increase penis size, there’s absolutely no evidence of them increasing penis size. In some cases, they will be able to improve your blood flow, resulting in harder, longer-lasting erections, whether it’s the subtle effects of ginseng or more custom-designed medication.

Some herbal treatments focus more on the stimulation of various positive hormones - serotonin and similar. Having a more positive outlook on things will help you achieve better erections, but relying on products for this isn’t generally going to be the best option, while there’s definitely not going to be an effect on actual length.

As for health risks, there’s two factors to consider. Some products can have potentially dangerous side effects, like headaches, hearing loss and potential heart issues. It’s also important to be sure of what you’re getting - many of the more unscrupulous online sellers don’t have a problem with packaging just about anything as a herbal supplement. If you’re going to use this kind of treatment, make sure to only buy from legitimate retailers.

As for increased size, however, you’ll have to turn to a different option. There’s a couple of different choices out there, but there’s one that definitely stands out from the crowd - Bathmate.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

A drastic step, the medical nature of penis enlargement surgery appeals to some as a definite solution for size concerns. The truth is a lot more complicated than that, however. There’s two main forms of penis enlargement surgery out there:

Penile Lengthening generally involves the cutting of the suspensory ligament, which typically holds the penis up. While this can result in a noticeable increase in apparent length, it often results in less satisfying sex, with the penis now unsupported by the ligament.

Penile Girth Enhancement helps create a wider penis, typically involving the injection of fat into the penis. While this adds size, it’s not a permanent measure, with the body reabsorbing fat over time, and can be dangerous, occasionally resulting in a full-on loss of sensation for unlucky patients.

Penile Extenders

Whether they work by attaching weight or applying constant pressure, there’s a lot of different makes of penile extender available. In all cases, they’re attached to the penis, with the idea being that users should, over time, see an increase in size.

While some models apparently deliver real results, there’s a few concerns - the devices are uncomfortable to use and can often be noticed when in use, can result in pain or damage to the penis tissue, are generally both expensive and flimsy, and tend to only really have an effect when it comes to flaccid size.

Bathmate Penis Pumps

Using vacuum pressure to bring more blood into the penis, penis pumps give their users harder erections, while the pressure results in the penis becoming longer and girthier over time. If sold by a legitimate provider, there’s no danger using most penis pumps, with a strict limit on the amount of pressure that can be generated - so beware of counterfeits!

Although there’s a lot of penis pump options on the market, there’s a simple reason Bathmate is the single best-selling pump brand in the world - we deliver better results.

Using a unique water-based design, our pumps allow for a more even, comfortable experience, resulting in better size gains and a major boost to self confidence. After a month’s use, over 70% of our customers noticed real size gains, with some of our pumps hitting an incredible 92% overall satisfaction rate.

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