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Bathmate Control



Bathmate Control

Bathmate Control is designed to enhance your intimate experiences. Its unique formula, consisting of natural, safe ingredients, is easy to use and offers a distinct aspect to your sexual encounters. After application, the formula takes full effect after about 40 minutes and maintains its consistency for several hours.

Bathmate Control Gel enhances your intimate experiences with its innovative approach, utilizing advanced transdermal technology and a unique blend of natural, gentle, skin-safe ingredients.

Our revolutionary control gel enhances your intimate moments without compromising sensation for you or your partner.

Highlighted features:

  • Free from Benzocaine and Lidocaine: All the pleasure without any numbing effects.
  • Compatible with silicone and rubber: Ideal for use with sex toys, condoms and Bathmate pumps.
  • Long-lasting results: Enjoy benefits for up to 4 hours post-application.


Bathmate Control is rigorously tested both clinically and dermatologically, ensuring only the finest, safest ingredients are used. While some effects of the ingredients remain proprietary, we spotlight several key components:

Directions for Use

Applying Bathmate Control Gel is straightforward. Just massage a small amount onto the penis tip and let it dry. Within 30-60 minutes, a pleasant tingling sensation signals the gel's activation.

In addition, Bathmate Control Gel's formula is:

  • Safe to use with sensitive skin
  • Free from alcohol and perfume
  • 100% biodegradable

Bathmate Control Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Terry P. (United States)

Bathmate Control

Dr. A. (United States)

I've been using the bathmate for a little over 4 months. The gains have been amazing! Length 1" Gain and Girth about 1" Gain. Spouse very satisfied with the changes. Thank you BathMate!

Chris H. (United States)

I used as directed, and for me it really made me last longer to the point I thought maybe I wont get off. It felt great not any numbing effects, just wow. I did get off...also wow.

Christopher S. (United States)
It only takes a little bit

I rub the Bathmate Control on the head of my cock before sexy time. I also use a Bathmate cock ring that really gives my cock a fuller feeling. After using Control we've had sex for almost 2 hours. The whole time my wife is creaming, screaming and squirting. She thoroughly enjoys the longer sessions and length & fullness the Bathmate line of products have produced. My cock has grown from a decent 5 5 inches to a fuller 6.5 inches. My wife day dreams of my cock filling her up now.

Travis H. (United States)

Bathmate Control