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Bathmate Hercules


Bathmate Hercules

Achieve real, lasting gains with Bathmate Hercules!

Note: Bathmate Hercules is now known as the Bathmate Hydro7.

This is where the Bathmate story began. Over a decade ago, we designed the world’s first water-based penis pump, offering users around the world a genuinely effective way to improve their sex lives, develop harder, longer-lasting erections, and really develop their self-confidence.

With over 1 million Bathmate pumps sold worldwide, you’re looking at the world’s most popular penis pump. With a relatively gentle level of vacuum, the Bathmate Hercules is an excellent starter model of hydropump, with an easy-to-use, convenient design.

The Bathmate Hercules is ideal for users with a penis length up to 7 inches when erect. We’ve also developed several more powerful options for users this size - click through to take a look at our 7 inch penis pumps!

There’s two particularly important questions just about everyone has when they’re buying a penis pump - does it really work, and is it really safe?

When you buy through the official Bathmate store, the answer to both is definitely a yes. With over a million satisfied users worldwide, Bathmate is the world’s leading penis pump brand for very good reason - it’s the results our pumps deliver. Just take a look at our Bathmate Reviews section, or see the proof for yourself with our Bathmate Videos.

In a recent survey, taking a look at the Hercules/ Hydro series, we found that, after a month’s regular use, an incredible 86%* of customers noticed a real, measurable increase in penis size, erection quality or confidence (with 81%* of those experiencing all three). There’s no other penis pump brand that approaches this level of performance.

We manufacture all our pumps to be fully in compliance with safety limits, completely cutting out any risk of injury. Make sure that you’re getting a real Bathmate, though - the knockoffs don’t include safety testing.

To give you an even greater level of confidence, we offer a complete, no-questions-asked return policy for 60 days, giving you time to see the real results of your Bathmate.

With our products recently having been rebranded to make it easier to select a pump for your size, there’s only limited numbers of Bathmate Hercules pumps left in stock - so buy yours today!

*Some survey participants may have received free or discounted products for their participation.