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An all-new approach to cock rings, our Bathmate Vibe Rings combine unique, pleasure-maximising designs with powerful 3-speed vibrators for a completely unmatched level of satisfaction. While these rings aren’t suitable for use with the Bathmate penis pump because of their shape, they add an unbelievably powerful dimension to your sexual pleasure. If you’re looking to combine cock ring power with your pump, just check out our range of Bathmate Power Rings.


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Bathmate Vibe Ring Tickle + Strength + Stretch

Hi everyone thanks for reading my thoughts on my first purchase from Bathmate.

I would like to say that I'm not new to the concept of Cock rings, Sleeves and other toys for the bedroom and mostly without informing the wife first....

Now the Vibe Rings were a bonus find as I was looking at the pumps but cost got the better of me so opted for the rings and as it was black friday I managed to buy 3 for the price of 2, so I chose Tickle + Strength + Stretch, the only reason I didn't go for Eight as I could work out how to use it?

Tickle - This is easy to understand and very much well received. The ring is nice a soft, no odour and simple to get on and off before and during sex. If you are use to a ring your enjoy this and once you add the vibration which is a simple push of a button it get straight to the point and it even offer variations of speeds and bust for what looks like a small battery.
I would be happy to replace my Cocksling 2 by Oxballs with this ring and its mostly down to the Rabbit-style tickle you can't miss, the wife most definitely enjoyed it.

Strength - This one has scared me and it was chose as my 3 option, the reason being its so big as in the whole you put ur penus through. Most cock rings you pull open to slid onto the shaft this one looks like its lost it elasticy and I know I'm not the biggest but also not the smallest so I will have to get back you on this one sorry.

Stretch - I really enjoy using this time of Ring, it focus on the keep the balls down so they don't get to tight which from my experience make you last a lot longer. As before it's soft but tight and feels good on.

As I said before I can honestly say the quality is great on all the Rings, they all come in the own boxes, which inside your find a mesh bag with your Vibe, lube and charging cable, there are instruction but no diagrams which was a shame as it's always best to be sure it on correctly.

Thanks for a great product Bathmate

Discover our Bathmate Vibe Ring Models

Each of our 4 Bathmate Vibe Ring models delivers a totally different experience, letting you have a truly unmatched sexual experience. All our Vibe Rings feature a removable, USB-chargeable bullet vibrator, with three effective speed options.

For those who haven’t used them before, cock rings can be intimidating, but don’t have to be. Slip the ring on your flacid/ semi-erect penis, moving it to the base of your shaft. This will trap blood in your penis, creating a longer, harder erection, while the included vibrator adds an amazing level of sensation, building up explosive orgasms.

Tickle: Working somewhat like a Rabbit-style vibrator, the Bathmate Tickle is ideal for use with a partner, with a uniquely textured vibrating section placed on top or bottom of the penis adding an extra level of satisfaction.

Strength: While most cock rings use a single band, the Strength Vibe Ring uses two bands, creating an unbelievably strong erection, while the vibrator, placed between the bands, takes you to an unbelievably powerful orgasm.

Eight: Ideal for partners, the Bathmate Eight Vibe Ring gives you an all-new way to get up close and personal, with a figure-of-eight design letting you both feel the same, powerful vibrations together for an incredibly intense, unforgettably intimate sex session.

Stretch: Mainly designed for scrotal use, the Bathmate Stretch builds up unmatched orgasmic power by restricting the natural contraction of the testicles. A really unique experience, recommended for the more adventurous user.

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