Vibe Ring (Glow)

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Combining the fantastic performance of our Bathmate Vibe Rings with a unique glow in the dark design for an extra level of pleasure and fun, these Glow in the Dark Vibe Rings add a real level of pleasure, whether you’re with a partner or by yourself.


More information about Bathmate Vibe Ring Models (Glow)

With four designs each adding a different kind of pleasure, expect some brand-new sensations. All of our Vibe Rings combine flexible, high-performance cock rings (made with our trademarked Elastomex formula) with a powerful, USB-rechargeable vibrator, building up a real level of pleasure for you and any partner.

With a flexible design, these rings cut out the potential danger of more solid cock ring options, but as with all cock rings, make sure that you don’t use for more than half an hour at a time, whichever of our 4 options you pick (all described below).

Our Bathmate Glow in the Dark Vibe Rings are ideal for more adventurous users, with 4 designs each adding different kind of powerful sexual pleasure. The glow-in-the-dark design does occasionally require charging - we recommend placing in direct sunlight for 5 minutes to get the very best effects (just be careful where they’re left).

Cock rings can be intimidating, but are simple to use - just roll onto your flaccid/ semi-erect penis, and the ring will start trapping blood in your penis, giving you a hard, long-lasting erection and an incredibly intense orgasm.

Tickle: Designed a bit like a Rabbit-style vibrator, the Bathmate Tickle is ideal for use with a partner - a highly textured vibrating section can be placed either on top or below the penis, making for full-on satisfaction.

Strength: Hugely heightening the effect of a standard cock ring, the Bathmate Strength uses two bands (instead of the usual one), trapping more blood to create unmatched erection hardness, and building up real orgasmic power.

Eight: Another great option for partners, our Bathmate Eight helps you get up close and personal in an all new way, with a figure 8 shape letting two people use the ring at once, giving you both the same powerful vibrations - a really unforgettable experience.

Stretch: While most of our cock rings can potentially be used scrotally, the Bathmate Stretch is specifically designed around this, with a design chosen to effectively restrict testicle retraction, adding extra power and pleasure when you reach orgasm.

With the intense design of these rings, they’re most suitable for experienced users - check out our Bathmate Power Rings for a perfect starter cock ring, which is also compatible with Bathmate Penis Pumps for even better size increases.