Hydromax7 Wide Boy

All our penis pumps deliver incredible results, but the Hydromax7 Wide Boy is the ultimate hydropump for the bigger user.

For stronger erections, longer lasting performance and enhanced growth, the Hydromax7 Wide Boy is your recommended pump.

Formerly known as the Hydromax X30 Wide Boy, this pump has been designed for two specific types of users. Firstly, bigger guys who want to see stronger erections, or treat erectile dysfunction, or just simply want to increase their confidence in bed. And secondly, the typical Bathmate customer who has seen great results from the Hydro range and needs to move up to something bigger.

Our pumps can offer game-changing benefits, and when you’ve seen growth in your length and girth, you can outgrow your existing pump. In order for your pump to keep on giving results, you need space in between your penis and the walls of the pump. If the barrel is too snug, the hydraulic pressure function will not work.


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In order to obtain maximum hydraulic pressure, it is important that the correct size pump is used. We always advise our customers to purchase a smaller pump (provided your penis fits comfortably in it) as this will result in the optimum hydraulic pressure around the penis. Using a pump that is too big will result in lower pressure around the penis meaning slower or no growth.

Many of our customers who are using the Hydromax7 move on to the Hydromax9 when they outgrow their old pump. However, the extra length is something that can be surplus to requirements, which is why we created the Hydromax7 Wide Boy – which just gives more room for girth expansion.

The Hydromax7 Wide Boy, formerly known as the Hydromax X30 Wide Boy, allows you to maintain the optimum hydraulic pressure in order to get the best results. This will allow you to maintain sexual health, increase your size, improve your erections and boost your confidence.

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